The doctor, well to be exact, the 9th 10th and 11th doctor are stuck together with no way back to their own tardis and companions. And some awkward self lust is bound to happen. They can land and save things but they have to be together. Open for ask and M!A and what ever else you have. ((Can be nsfw at times))


The 3 sleepy head humans.
It sucks I know.

The 3 sleepy head humans.

It sucks I know.

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All of you, fobwatched about the weekend? From the M!A list. Starting Friday 13th, ending at midnight on Sunday. ;) Have fun. (ps can i do that)

10: Well we can’t all be John Smiths now…I mean, I suppose I would be, but 9 and 11, who would they be? I suppos- oh. OH. That is not good. 

((Basically, the tardis throws them in to a huge city like room in the 1930’s. All the companions are “there” and interact with the humans. They know somethings not right but they don’t know what. 10 is John smith, the professor, duh. 9 is Major Henry West (28 days later) and 11 is (becauseIcan) christopher isherwood. Toss some situations at them, OH and ask question as if they were the doctor still or what ever.))


hasikon asked
does pineapples grow other places than earth?

9: Yes. Of course they do. Pineapples are in no way special to earth.

(As you could guess, my art.)

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omfg ali XD

you lil butt >w<

Three little butts actually! Well wait…

4 if you count 12!Mod!.

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What would you rather have a pear or a date with professor song? Spoilers ;)


Time Lord M!A List

For all of the time lords and ladies, an M!A list just for you. Anon specifies time for all. Feel free to add on.

Regenerate: You are now stuck as one of your next regenerations.

Degenerate: You are now stuck as one of your previous regenerations.

Fobwatched: Hello, sir. You are now human. Good luck with one heart and no regenerations.

Doctor: I don't care if you're good or bad, if you like them or not, you have to help every single race or person that needs it.

Interfector: Oh, you don't do evil? Think again, if someone looks scared you attack. Little puppy all lost on the streets? Stab it.

Master: You've gone completely insane and you can hear the drums. Rat ta ta tat.

Crashing: Your TARDIS just went crazy and crash landed in (anon specifies). Good luck.

Torchwood: "If it's alien, it's ours." Do we have to explain?

The Academy: You're back on Gallifrey and at the Academy again. Can you pass all of your tests?

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I don't have time just link art

((Oh. Ok. Will do. Sorry, I’ve used to flinging out a quick GIF on ali-omniscient that I forget to add a link/name. But all art GIFs from now on will have at least a name to the picture. (or I’ll stop being lazy and actually draw.) ))

((Anon, s&#8217;ok. You can come back. What did you mean?))

((Anon, s’ok. You can come back. What did you mean?))

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Then why did it take me 2 questions

((What? I only got one…))

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Stop using other peoples art if your not going to link it



you know what anon.

I actually totally forgot that.

Me, who likes to source EVERYTHING.

well shit.

Erm, yeah art will start to be sourced, y’all know my style so you can tell whats mine.

Thanks anon.

that went right over my head.